Do you want to read more about cultural diversity?

Click the links below to some articles I've written on diversity, as well as others that might be of interest. I'll be updating this section regularly, so be sure to check back here often.

Note: thePDF files of the articles from WJM are now available through PubMed. See Vol. 139, No. 6 and Vol. 157, No. 3 for special issues on cross-cultural medicine.

Introduction to Cultural Differences

Culturally Competent Rehabilitation Nursing

Culturally Competent Healthcare PDF only

Perianesthesia Nursing (Winner of a 2006 Mary Hanna Memorial Journalism Award.)

Caring for Culturally Diverse Patients at Home

The Muslim Family: Predicament & Promise

Filipinos & Pain Medication

Iranian Births

Vietnamese Family Relationships

How To Do Ethnographic Research

Japanese Americans and Self-Care

The Challenge of Serving and Working with Diverse Populations in American Hospitals PDF only

Hispanic Families and Male-Female Relationships

Interpreting in a Medical Setting for Hispanic Patients

Clinical Work With Culturally Diverse Dying Patients

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