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"An excellent book for those interested in providing culturally responsive and effective care to our nation's increasingly diverse population."

-- Dr. Robert Like, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

"This a fine basic primer for teaching caregivers to understand the differences in belief systems of patients from other cultures, but the book also brings into sharp relief the difficulties of interacting within the U.S. hospital system. Large urban hospitals are chaotic places, and cultural misunderstandings do not enhance the care given in them. Galanti not only reports these cases, but also offers insightful ways of handling the problems they illustrate. She has given much consideration to the solutions she recommends. She concludes with a very important observation: 'lt is the goal of the medical profession to provide optimal health care for all patients. Unless cultural differences are taken into account, this goal cannot be accomplished. Misunderstandings can often lead to misdiagnoses'."

-- American Anthropologist

"The cultural stories presented in this work are fascinating and illustrate the variety of interactions that can occur among patients and providers from different backgrounds, representing both cultural misunderstand-ings and culturally competent health care. This informative resource will be useful for students and health professionals interested in improving their cultural competency skills. Up-to-date appendixes; excellent bibliography. Summing Up: Highly recommended."

--Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

" This book falls squarely within the best tradition of applied anthropology.... It is an excellent book to hand to medical colleagues who understand little of cultural sensitivity (and claim they have little time to learn), and it would be an important addition to any hospital library or reading room."

........-- Disabilities Studies Quarterly

"A very helpful and readable volume. . . .This is a must-read book for any healthcare professional who deals with people from different cultures. It should be in every hospital library."

.......--Caregiver Journal

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