Do you want a general overview of broad culture areas?

If so, you can read the profiles contained in this section. Remember, they are generalizations and should not be used to stereotype any individual member of any specific group. There are many diverse cultures within each culture area, and again, within each country. Even within an individual family you will find differences in beliefs and behavior. Factors such as class, SES, age, gender, education, and time in the U.S. will often affect their beliefs and behaviors as much as their culture. These profiles are merely meant to be a very broad overview of some of the more common patterns that may manifest in healthcare settings. They are best used to understand behavior, rather than to predict it. You can click the links above to go directly to a particular cultural profile.

If you feel that a group has been misrepresented, please contact me. I will take your comments and suggestions into serious consideration as I update the web site.